Zavino Hospitality Group

The Neff Associates interactive team worked with Zavino Hospitality Group to build a scalable, easily updatable website to showcase the various menus and impressive image galleries of the restaurants they manage.

Currently, the group consists of three separate Philadelphia restaurants, with plans to expand into additional markets. With that in mind, our team designed and developed a comprehensive site that seamlessly accommodates both present and future needs.

Mood Boards

Our creative team collated examples of creative concepts that we felt worked successfully for other organizations and brands.

Our findings were compiled into a visual presentation that was shared with the client. The result of the process was to gain further inspiration and to help narrow the focus of our creative efforts.

Site Map

Our interactive team worked with Zavino to detail the exact structure of the new website. The site map functions as a detailed index of the pages that constitute the entire website.

Wire Frame

Once the core necessities and structure for the website are determined, our team drafts wire frames to plan the internal content of the site. The wire frames dictate the layout throughout the entire site, from homepage down through all subpages.

Unique Visitors to the Website Since Launch

Responsive Design

The Neff team designs and develops all websites as fully responsive layouts suitable for all mobile devices. Zavino’s website is intuitive, and responds accordingly to the viewport it is launched within.

Along with the responsive design, our team developed a custom, secure content management system to house all Zavino Hospitality Group investor documents.