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Our full-service, integrated approach utilizes creative design, web development, public relations, social media, photography, videography, advertising and media strategy to help shape your brand.

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"The Neff Associates team is more than just a branding and marketing agency, they care about us as people."

Joleen Jaworski President of Business Clubs of America

Creative Process

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1. Discover Every creative process begins with a problem. Our mission is to work with each client in order to seek out, or discover the problems that need solving. This first step is crucial to the process because before we can start down the path to a logical solution, we must first understand the problems that we are trying to solve.

2. Define The goal of this second stage is to conduct meetings with the client to gather, sort and categorize all information relative to problems. Our team works with the client to immerse ourselves within the project and brand. From these initial meetings, we take what we've learned and  the documentation we’ve received, and use this knowledge to kick start the problem-solving mode of the process.

3. Design Using the information cultivated from the first two phases, we then begin to brainstorm in search of the solutions to the identified problems. Our team works with the client and presents our ideas and concepts in various forms that work within the scope of the established goals. Utilizing an informed, calculated trial and error is key to this stage of the process.

4. Develop As our team works to evolve our ideas and bring them to life, the solutions to the problems begin to take shape. A constant dialog is necessary not only internally with our team, but also between client and agency. This back and forth allows for a more complete realization of the solution, and leads to that "ah-ha" moment in the creative process.

5. Deliver While following through on our ideas, we find that it is important to take this last step and thoroughly test our solutions and insight. Through these efforts, we can learn what ideas are most effective, and then revise and refine the proposed solutions. This step helps to best achieve our clients' goals and deliver the most optimal end result.

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