Artisan’s Cellar

Given a full creative license, our team had an opportunity to produce a product that would move above and beyond the expected. Starting from the ground up, we explored numerous logo approaches to ensure we found the best possible solution.

Once the brand was born, our team worked diligently to deliver top-of-the-line stationary elements, with the inclusion of a personalized logo exploration booklet. After producing a high quality logo and print deliverables, it was then time to introduce this exciting brand to the World Wide Web.

Branding Process

Artisan Cellar came to us looking for a unique, yet modern identity that would stand out from the expected, and also stand the test of time. With careful and plentiful crafting, we explored almost every option imaginable, finally resting with the most iconic and impressive logo.

Total Glasses of Wine Distributed Per Year


Our team took all lengths to produce a website that would push the envelope, while still delivering content in a creative, efficient manor. The wireframes were delicately crafted to ensure that the process would meet these expectations.

On All Devices

By creating such a unique user experience, it is only natural that designing for every device would become a challenging dynamic. Rather than taking the easy road, we approached the project cautiously and ultimately provided a solution that not only functions well, but looks beautiful too.