Entrepreneur Works

Entrepreneur Works is a non-profit development organization focused on growing businesses and jobs in the Philadelphia community. Their mission is to promote successful entrepreneurs in underserved areas within the region, who in turn become economic engines in their neighborhoods.

In 2015 Entrepreneur Works came to Neff Associates to help redesign and develop their website and online identity.

Site Map

Our interactive team worked with Entrepreneur Works to review, organize and establish a clear content hierarchy within the site structure. With a large amount of content to convey, the site map phase was extremely crucial to the process for the development of their new site.

Wire Frame

Through our comprehensive wire frame phase of the process, our team ensured a clear, practical interface for the user on all key website functions. The new wire frames developed for the Entrepreneur Works site also functioned as our guide when transitioning to the full mockup phase.

Dollars Invested Into Neighborhood Businesses Via Entrepreneur Works Since 1998

Responsive Design

With sites no longer exclusively viewed on desktop and laptop computers, the Neff team designs and develops all websites to be fully responsive. Our team creates sites that seamlessly adapt to all viewports, from desktop down to mobile device.  

Our responsive site designs reflect a strong navigation interface, large full bleed images, clear typographic hierarchy and a concise call to action.